New Clients:
Thank you for choosing NuGraffika as your printing service.

Step 1 (size and quantity)
First, you will need to determinate the size (Business Card, Postcard 4”x6”, etc... ; for more sizes refer to the "services-printing" section) and quantity of your job. In most cases we print in steps of 5,000 copies.

Step 2 (layout)
If you have a layout ready to print, go to the next step, or if you are creating artwork yourself - refer to the "guidelines" section.
In case you choose us to create a layout for you, please provide all information for the front and back side of the design: including any pictures and logos you may have. Please specify colors you like, images you may want to have and any other ideas that may help us. This will be very helpful to accomplish a design you will be happy with, in shorter time and with less future corrections.

Step 3 (your information)
We will need your personal information, name, address, telephone #, etc. to complete an invoice for you. Please fill up a client sheet and forward it to us [click here]

Step 4 (payment)
After submitting a completed client sheet, artwork or layout information, and before we can start working on your order, we will need a payment. We can accept Visa/MC credit card or Check (we will continue to process your order immidietly after your payment clears).

Step 5 (artwork proof)
After the payment is cleared, we complete your layout (in most cases within 24-48 hours; for large/complex jobs and logos, it might take 3-5 days or more) and we will e-mail you the artwork for your approval. You will be responsible for the verification of all information, spelling, names, phone numbers, emails, etc. If any corrections are needed - we will email you edited artwork for your final approval. In all the instances we need to receive your final approval either by e-mail, fax or by mail (we cannot proceed with printing without such written approval). Please call to verify if we received your approval.

Step 6 (pick-up or delivery)
After we receive your approval and your job is printed (3-5 days in most cases for flyers and 7-14 days for brochures and catalogs) we will call you when your order is ready for a pick-up at our office or we will ship it to you the way you specify (default shipping – UPS ground).