General Instructions

1. Every time you start to create a new file to design your artwork, be sure to specify the right size and the right resolution (300 dpi). It is essential to do so, to avoid any problems later on. In some cases you may need to recreate you artwork from the beginning. Also, we recommend you use a CMYK color mode.

2. Remember: do not type any text to close to the edge. We need to have some space for cutting. Always use 1/4” bleed around your document (see "Templates" for explanation).

3. When you scan, use 300dpi option.

4. Be sure to use high quality pictures. If original pictures looking blurry, pixilated or discolored it will be visible in the final print. We do not take responsibility for such deterioration.

5. For BLACK TEXT over white background use 100% (K) black. For DEEP BLACK background color, you should use a mix of C 40%, M 30%, Y 20%, K100%

6. When saving in JPG format always use MAXIMUM Quality settings.


SILK / Spot UV instructions

Use color mode CMYK. When creating a UV mask you must create a separate file along with your regular artwork. This file must be 100% black (K) (no other colors, gradients, or shading) and white. The black will represent where the UV mask will be. Just create a template over your artwork. See below.

Name file as: F- (name) BC Silk.jpg ................................... F- (name) UV MASK.jpg