What is "Gang Run" Printing?
Gang run printing is an industry term for grouping orders on the same sheet of paper. By grouping together orders of many clients we can offer you better prices. Gang run printing saves time and money.

Can I get less than 5,000 cards with gang run printing?
We can order less then 5,000 cards, but do to the way we print, we are unable to offer a lower price for the lesser quantity. On the other hand, our competitive price for quantity of 5,000 in many cases is equal to the price of 1,000 pieces offered by other printers.

I am getting business cards for several people, can I split the run, so I would get smaller quantities of each name for the same price?
No, every order has to be in multiples of 5,000 cards.

Can I get a different type of paper (stock)?
We offer one cardstock 12pt (heavy gloss paper) with two options. UV coated or non-UV, and for brochures and catoalogs we use 100 lbs. textstock (soft gloss paper).